Microsoft Azure RemoteApp is all about delivering your Win32 ‘legacy applications’ from the cloud to any device, any location at any time. While RemoteApp technology itself is not new and has been shipping since Windows Server 2008, Azure, however, makes it a truly turnkey, and as a Service, solution. Basically you bring your applications and your identities, and Azure RemoteApp provides you with a GUI inside the Azure Portal to configure the delivery of those applications, including PowerShell support.

Currently you provide your custom application landscape by installing all your applications in a RD Session Host Template image. There …

Tech Editor: Toby Phipps – MVP, Remote Desktop Services

Here is the article in PDF Format: 2012R2 – RDS – Seamless Logons – Kristin Griffin

One of the most common questions I get from people implementing RDS is “I want a seamless logon process but I am not getting it. How do I provide access to my RD Session Host Session Collection(s) with the least amount of pop-up windows / SSL certificate warnings, and requiring the user to enter their credentials only once?” The short answer is that you can attain a seamless logon, but you have to configure your …

Consider the following scenario

  • An RDS environment that hosts one or more RDSH servers with Office 2013 Click 2 Run installed.
  • Shared activation has been enabled
  • Federation is not in place so activation relies on a user activating manually once by entering his O365 credentials
  • Registry value NoDomainUser is configured to 1 (Advised by Microsoft in case of the scenario above) also see

A new user who doesn’t have a profile yet, logs on for the first time and launches an Office application for the first time and gets prompted with the Office 365 activation screen. This is expected …

RemoteApp for Windows phone now supports RD Gateway!!  Another cool feature is that you can now get apps that are published in RD Web Access.

This is great news!

Check it out here:


If you are curious about the capabilities of Azure RemoteApp, and what your users might experience using it, then check out this new blog post on the Remote Desktop Services Blog:

The post shows videos of:

1. A side-by side comparison of the user experience of a person working in PowerPoint running locally on the desktop vs. running as a Azure RemoteApp.

2. RemoteApp’s multi-platform support capabilities: this video shows a user running Visio as an Azure RemoteApp on a Mac (which doesn’t have a native Visio app).

3. The computing power Azure RemoteApp provides - this video shows …

In 2013 and early 2014, Project VRC released the annual ‘State of the VDI and SBC union’ community survey – over 1300 people participated! The results of this independent and truly unique survey have provided many new insights into the usage of desktop virtualization around the world. You can download those survey results for free here:

This year Project VRC would like to repeat this survey to see how our industry has changed and to take a look at the future of Virtual Desktop Infrastructures and Server Based Computing in 2015.

About Project VRC:

The independent R&D project …

To read this article in pdf click: Azure MFA – RD Gateway HA

In our last article about RD Gateway and Azure Multi-Factor Authentication, we showed you how to add Azure Multi-Factor Authentication (Azure MFA) to your on premises RD Gateway deployment to further secure the login process. In that walkthrough we used one RD Gateway server and one MFA server.  This configuration works well, as long as the servers never go down.  We thought it would be a good idea to plan for a situation more in line with reality. In this article we will show you how to …

I recently wrote a blog post on Azure RemoteApp in which I take a closer look at the Hybrid Deployment.

Here is a full link to the article:


“…I’m sure you’ve all heard about Azure RemoteApp by now. If not, see for more details. Currently Azure RemoteApp is still in preview, so you can try it out for free.

Azure RemoteApp comes is two different deployments, a Cloud Deployment and a Hybrid Deployment. Cloud deployment means the RD Session Host servers that run your Azure Remote Apps are not connected to your on premises Active Directory

My friend and fellow RDS MVP André Luiz Mattos Oliveira  took the time to translate our article on using Azure Multifactor Authentication with RD Gateway into Portuguese. For all you Portuguese speaking folks, here’s the link:

Andre will be joining us here at RDS Gurus, so look for his work here soon!



At the Experts to Experts Virtualization Conference (E2EVC) in may in Brussels Freek Berson and Wilco van Bragt presented a session called Microsoft Windows Server 2012 RDS vs Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop, a comparison. This was a version2 of the presentation we performed at the DuCUG earlier this year.

At this edition, the E2EVC event welcomed 130 attendees from 19 different countries! The intention of the session was to perform an unbiased presentation and demo to compare both products en both solutions. Wilco covered the Citrix part and I covered the Microsoft part. New in this version2 was that we were also …

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