Working with small and medium sized businesses, we often use the Server Manager’s Remote Desktop Management Services (RMDS) UI to manage RDS deployments.  The problem is that this UI is not without issues. We frequently run into problems using this tool.  Because it bombs for many reasons, we decided to write a series of blogs posts that detail the problems we run into using RDMS and how to fix them.

RDMS Problem #1: The Server Pool Does not Match the RD Connection Brokers That Are In It


  • Windows Server 2012 R2 deployment
  • One Session Collection
  • RD Connection Broker is

In this companion video to the RDS Gurus Step-by-Step Guide for Building an FSLogix Apps 2.1 Lab Environment, Benny shows the power and simplicity of application masking on an Azure RDS IaaS environment. Watch the video here.…

What is this about?

This is a feature many have been waiting for! What is it all about? Consider the following scenario. You have created an Azure RemoteApp collection housing several applications. You provide access to this Azure RemoteApp collection to your users. These users could be working in several departments, and based on their role or persona require different sets of applications. An important caveat to realize is that currently all users who have been granted access to an Azure RemoteApp collection will see all application published in that collection! And of course this does not mean that you …

Per-user app publishing for Azure RemoteApp is out in preview! Check it out here.

To participate in the preview you have to fill out the survey.


Fellow MVP Cláudio Rodrigues has created a cool tool that builds a highly available RDS environment, complete with license servers and SSL certificate deployment.  Get a look at it here.

We’ve created a guide that walks you through the steps required to install a Proof-of-Concept (POC) environment for RDSH Full Desktop with FSLogix Apps. FSLogix Apps is a software agent that enables virtual desktop administrators to eliminate some of their biggest problems in VDI and RDSH. FSLogix Apps 2.1 allows admins to massively reduce the number of Windows Gold images, easily manage per-user applications, and optimize license costs while assuring compliance.

PoC environments created according to this install guide can be used to test applications controlled by FSLogix Apps in a reproducible way.

The IaaS RDSH environment is built entirely …

This is a new hotfix for RD Gateway – if you have RD Gateway crashes, check it out:

Remote Desktop Gateway server crashes during certain user disconnect scenarios in Windows Server 2012 R2

December RDS hotfixes have been added to KB2933664


The main changes were:

Device Redirection & Printing

3073630 Remote Desktop Easy Print runs slowly in Windows Server 2012 R2


3092695 Licensing report file is corrupted in Windows Server 2012 R2 RDS environments for large report files 3084952 Users can’t log on to a Windows Server 2012 R2-based server through remote desktop because of RDSLS database corruption



3103000 RemoteApp windows disappear and screen flickers when you switch between windows in Windows 8.1 or Windows Server 2012 R2…

Last week the HTML5 client for Azure RemoteApp was announced on the public roadmap of Azure RemoteApp. More info also see here: HTML5 client for Azure RemoteApp now on the public road map!

Although the preview of the new client is not available yet, here are some screenshots to allow for a first glimpse at the HTML5 client:

After logging on you will be presented with the RemoteApps that are assigned to you

When you open the 1st RemoteApp the user will be logged in on one of the RD Session Host server as part of the Azure RemoteApp Collection…

Last week was ExpertsLive, a big IT Pro community event focusing on the Microsoft Platform, held in Ede, The Netherlands. With over 40 breakout sessions divided into 7 parallel tracks with national and international speakers, and over 1200 attendees it was a great event!

I presented a session on RemoteApp on Azure IaaS vs Azure RemoteApp. In this demo heavy session I presented a comparison on both the administrator as well as the end user experience of both technologies.

I had a full house during the session, great turn up, good questions as well as great, more in depth, …

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