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Remote Desktop Services is referred to by Microsoft as one of the “top 10” capability of the Windows Server 2016 release that is going to reach General Availability within a few weeks. Also see this blog post and video Ten reasons you’ll love Windows Server 2016 #4: Remote Desktop Services. The three key pillars of improvement are shown in the diagram below.

While test driving the Technology Preview 5 version I ran into a small new feature as part of the process of adding an RD Gateway server to a Remote Desktop Services Deployment using …

Originally posted here: http://microsoftplatform.blogspot.nl/2016/08/full-ha-rds-2016-deployment-in-azure.html

More information on RDS on Azure IaaS
Remote Desktop Services (RDS) deployment on the Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform is becoming more common. The announcement of the deprecation of Azure RemoteApp, the turn-key solution on Azure to publish classic Windows applications, also made RDS on Azure IaaS one of the migration options going forward. Microsoft has also published various whitepapers that provide guidance to implement RDS 2012 R2 on Azure IaaS http://aka.ms/rdsonazure. Recently they have also updated this for Windows Server 2016 http://aka.ms/rdsonazure2016 which will be released this September of this year.…

Today Microsoft announced the retirement of Azure RemoteApp: https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/enterprisemobility/2016/08/12/application-remoting-and-the-cloud/

Azure RemoteApp will be replaced by a new Citrix offering – Citrix XenApp “express” service – hosted in Azure. The new offering is supposed to combine the simplicity of Azure RemoteApp (ARA) with better app provisioning and delivery, and more monitoring and security features.

I think this is a good move by Microsoft. ARA was a great start and Citrix will build on this and make the V2 of this vision even better. Here are the timeline details that are out now:

  • While new purchases will continue until October 1st, 2016,

Two weeks ago, the 30th edition of the Experts 2 Experts Virtualization Conference (E2EVC) took place in Leopardstown, Dublin. A great community driven conference, founded by Alex Cooper. If you’re not familiar with the event check out e2evc.com for more details.

Last month BriForum 2016 Europe took place in London. Also a great, vendor independent conference founded by Brian Madden. For more information on that event check out briforum.com.

At both events, we (Freek Berson & Benny Tritsch) presented a session on Azure RemoteApp. Our session was called “Azure RemoteApp – Past, Present & …

At a client we noticed that after our last round of patching the RD Web Access web feed broke.  All of our servers run 2012 R2.  The broken feed was evident on Windows 8.1 and 10 PCs/laptops that connected using RemoteApp and Desktop Connection and also on iPads (makes sense because these all use the feed).

Removing KB3098785 fixed this for us (Security Update for Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6)

Note: Our RD Web Access server is also running RD Gateway. I have not tested whether the RD Web Access feed breaks on a server with only RD Web Access installed.…

I have observed the RD Gateway Manager console crash specifically when you go to add a CAP or RAP policy.  For me, the .NET Framework 4.6.1 update KB3102467 was to blame. Here’s the fix.


You may have read my previous blog post about the announcement of new PowerShell CmdLets to manage User Profile Disks (UPD )in Azure RemoteApp, if not here is the link: User Profile Disk management for Azure RemoteApp is here!

These new CmdLets enable you to manage the User Profile Disks yourself. This is great because prior to this you had to contact Azure Support for every management task you had to do related to UPD. Check out my previous blog post for more details on the new CmdLets Copy-AzureRemoteAppUserDisk and Remove-AzureRemoteAppUserDisk.

One of the things I did run into when …

Two new great PowerShell commands are added to Azure RemoteApp! They allow for management of the User Profile Disk (UPD)! This is a very welcome update! Why? Previously, when you wanted to perform management on the UPD’s of an Azure RemoteApp collection you could not do that yourself. Instead you needed to contact Azure Support. With the new command that are you released you can manage UPD’s yourself! In order to use the two new commands, make sure you downloaded the latest version of Azure PowerShell.

Guide to check what Azure PowerShell current version you are running and how to …

Article by Benny Tritsch and Kris Griffin

In Windows Server 2016, GPUs for Remote Desktop Session Host will only be available through Discrete Device Assignment (DDA), but not RemoteFX. The good thing about DDA is that it can also be used for Windows 10 VMs. While RemoteFX is based on GPU sharing and API intercept, DDA is an implementation of GPU pass-through. This means that the physical GPU is passed through directly and exclusively to the RDSH or the Windows 10 VM. Instead of generic virtual device drivers it is possible to use the GPU manufacturer’s graphics driver in the …

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I’ve written about FSLogix in the past. About a year ago I wrote an article on masking specific applications & plugins for specific users and running various java versions on the same OS. Check it out here: Managing your Azure RemoteApp application landscape using FSLogix Apps.

FSLogix is a set of tools with an extremely small footprint and has an amazing set of features that fix really specific problems, applicable in almost any VDI or RDSH environment!

“…FSLogix Apps is a software agent that enables virtual desktop administrators to massively reduce the number of Windows Gold …

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