We design, build and troubleshoot remoting environments.

From your dining room table, the coffee shop or the beach, we make "work from anywhere" a reality for you and your workforce.

Our Services

Our Services


Does your old environment need some TLC? We'll help you get your existing environment up to the latest versions and standards so that your environment runs optimally.


We spend lots of time troubleshooting issues in RDS environments, both large and small. We concentrate on Microsoft native RDS deployments, and we also have experts to help you with lots of third party tooling. If you have a problem such as losing connections, sluggish performance, profile issues, and more, we are happy to help solve these problems. Contact us to set up a consult.

Monitoring and Reporting

RDS environments are not complete without monitoring. You will benefit from an in depth look at statistical usage data, error reporting and live session and server monitoring. We are happy to advise you on (and deploy) the tools we think give the most bang for your buck.

Design and Architecture

We don't just work with existing environments; we build them from scratch either in your data center or in the cloud. Need a highly available RDS environment in Azure? Need an RDS deployment created in-house? We are your guys.

Azure Virtual Desktop

Are you excited about Azure Virtual Desktop? We are! If you want to know more about what you can expect from this offering, want to get do a proof-of-concept deployment , or if you are ready to on-board this product, we can help!

Environment Review

Think your environment could use some improvement? You might be right. We will take a deep dive into your remoting environment and give you all of our thoughts on how to optimize what you have.

Profile Management

User Profile Disks are deprecated. FSLogix is now Microsoft's user profile management solution. We can help you setup and test and tweak FSLogix to suit your needs.


Need multifactor authentication added to your RDS environment? No problem. We work with Azure MFA and Duo to further secure your environment.

What Our Customers Say

“We are very happy to have reached out to RDS Gurus to help us out with our environment. They are very knowledgeable and professional and were able to help us plan and solve our issues in no time. If you have any RDS issues we would strongly encourage you to contact them.”

Josh Underkofler - Platform Administrator IIIOrganic Valley

These folks are experts in everything that has to do with Microsoft’s Remote Desktop technology. RDS Gurus is a one-stop solution for building an RD Web environment from the ground up. They have the expertise to architect, build and implement a complete solution.

Janies C. Garcia - Senior Manager, IT OperationsHeron Therapeutics, Inc.

RDS Gurus brought our RDS environment into a graceful state. They worked along side us, with great communication and complex problem solving skills. Our requirements were met and adjustments were made as needed in a timely manner. I highly recommend RDS Gurus if you need any help at all with your remote desktop servers.

Shane M. - IT Infrastructure ManagerJinny Beauty Supply Inc.

"Tech Plus Consulting" quote="I worked with Claudio at RDS Gurus and I must say I am impressed! He really knows his stuff and was not only able to solve our complex AWS infrastructure issues but also patiently teach us too. We had spent hours with AWS Premier Support and were going in circles. We kept being told to buy more resources, scale-up servers, and our bills kept going up and up out of control. That's when a colleague recommended Claudio. We got in touch and within just a 30 min consultation were able to understand the problem and the solution RDS Gurus could implement. The fix was re-designing a good deal of cloud infrastructure, We had a very limited budget and Claudio was able to work creatively with us teaching my staff how to set stuff up, then connect and audit our work further advising and providing additional script examples and instruction. I would not hesitate to work with RDS Gurus in the future, in fact, the next major project we do we plan to budget for their involvement."

Chris Stovel - CEOTech Plus Consulting

RDS Gurus was nothing short of amazing, they helped us figure out multiple issues and deploy solutions in a timely and cost-effective manner. Additionally, Kristin and her team assisted us with deploying FSLogix and migrating off user profile disks. I would highly recommend RDS Gurus to anyone needing assistance with FSLogix, RDS or WVD.

John Kay - IT ManagerLodgeworks

Our Team

RDS Gurus is a collective of past and present Microsoft Enterprise Mobility / Remote Desktop Services MVPs and Parallels VIPPs. We love this work and we pool our expertise in order to give our customers a great experience.

Claudio Rodrigues - Managing Partner

Cláudio Rodrigues has been working with RDS based technologies since the OS/2 based WinView days, dating back to the early nineties. In 2001 he was awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award (MVP) for Terminal Services (yes, RDS was called that), becoming the first ever MVP for RDS.

Later he founded Terminal-Services.NET, the company that brought products like WTSGateway Pro and SecureRDP to the market, technologies that now live on under the Parallels RAS umbrella.

He is well-known in the industry for not being a vendor fanboy, hating marketing and sales BS and for his honest opinions about anything related to RDS and VDI.

Freek berson

Freek Berson - Managing Partner

Freek Berson has been working in IT over 14 years now and always have had a strong focus on Remote Desktop Services and all things related to End User Computing. He works for Wortell, an Systems Integrator company in the Netherlands where where he focuses on End User Computing solutions mostly based on Microsoft Technologies.

Freek has been a Microsoft  MVP for Enterprise Mobility / Remote Desktop Services since 2011.

You can see Freek speak at various IT conferences including Microsoft Ignite, Microsoft Techdays, Microsoft TechSummit, BriForum and E2EVC.

He moderates the RDS TechNet forum contributes to Wiki articles and keeps a  personal blog at themicrosoftplatform.net

Kristin Griffin - Managing Partner

Kristin has worked for over 20 years in tech in various roles (sys admin, project manager, and consultant) for small to medium sized businesses. She founded RDS Gurus in 2010.

She has been a Microsoft MVP for Enterprise Mobility / Remote Desktop Services since 2009, and s Parallels VIPP since 2016.


Andy Milford - Technology Partner / Consultant

Andy Milford is the CEO and Founder of RDPSoft, and is a 5x Microsoft MVP in the Enterprise Mobility / Remote Desktop Services area.

His company, RDPSoft, is dedicated to producing affordable tools that make monitoring and managing RDS, WVD and other EUC environments much easier for admins.

Prior to starting RDPSoft, Andy was the CEO and Founder of Dorian Software, a log management company acquired by Ipswitch in late 2009.

Esther Barthel - Solutions Architect

Esther completed her MSc in Computer Science in 1997 at the Universiteit Twente, and has been consulting different customers in numerous roles and disciplines, building a broad knowledge base of IT solutions from databases, servers, networks, Server Based Computing (SBC), Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and DevOps automation products.

She is a Microsoft MVP for Enterprise Mobility / Remote Desktop Services and a Parallels VIPP.

To further grow her leadership skills, she has taken on the role of Area Director for Toastmasters, and shares her knowledge by regularly speaks at tech conferences.

She also has the following certifications:
* RCP (RES Software Certified Professional)
* CCE-V (Citrix Certified Expert – Virtualization)
* CCP-V (Citrix Certified Professional – Virtualization)
* CCP-N (Citrix Certified Professional -Networking)

Her specialties are: Technical presentations | Application Delivery Controllers (Citrix ADC) | VDI (Citrix VAD, Microsoft WVD) | Presentation Virtualization (Citrix VAD, Microsoft RDS) | UEM (Ivanti Workspace) | DevOps/Scripting (PowerShell, REST APIs, JSON, Ivanti Automation)

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