What Our Customers Say

RDS Gurus brought our RDS environment into a graceful state. They worked along side us, with great communication and complex problem solving skills. Our requirements were met and adjustments were made as needed in a timely manner. I highly recommend RDS Gurus if you need any help at all with your remote desktop servers.

- Shane M., Jinny Beauty Supply Inc.

"I worked with Claudio at RDS Gurus and I must say I am impressed! He really knows his stuff and was not only able to solve our complex AWS infrastructure issues but also patiently teach us too. We had spent hours with AWS Premier Support and were going in circles. We kept being told to buy more resources, scale-up servers, and our bills kept going up and up out of control. That's when a colleague recommended Claudio. We got in touch and within just a 30 min consultation were able to understand the problem and the solution RDS Gurus could implement. The fix was re-designing a good deal of cloud infrastructure, We had a very limited budget and Claudio was able to work creatively with us teaching my staff how to set stuff up, then connect and audit our work further advising and providing additional script examples and instruction. I would not hesitate to work with RDS Gurus in the future, in fact, the next major project we do we plan to budget for their involvement."

- Chris Stovel, Tech Plus Consulting

“We are very happy to have reached out to RDS Gurus to help us out with our environment. They are very knowledgeable and professional and were able to help us plan and solve our issues in no time. If you have any RDS issues we would strongly encourage you to contact them.”
- Josh Underkofler - Organic Valley