Run Windows Server 2016 from external USB SSD

By |November 18th, 2016|

In my lab I want to be able to start different operating systems quickly - effectively use my hardware as more than one environment.   For me, the quickest way to do this is to get some large SSDs, and slap Windows Server 2016 on them, add some VMs in Hyper-V, and now I have a mini lab, contained on one SSD. I also want to be mobile. I want to walk around with my lab on SSD, and be able to plug it in to any PC, boot from it, and be up and running. I got a 1TB [...]

Microsoft ARM template to deploy scale-out file server for RDS User Profile Disks (UPD)

By |November 17th, 2016|

Microsoft has recently released an Azure Resource Manager (ARM) template to create a domain-joined scale-out file server (SOFS) in Azure using Storage Spaces Direct (S2D) with Windows Server 2016. You can use this template to create a Storage Spaces Direct scale-out file server to store User Profile Disks (UPD)! ”…Remote Desktop Services (RDS) requires a domain-joined file server for user profile disks (UPDs). To deploy a high availability domain-joined scale-out file server (SOFS) in Azure, use Storage Spaces Direct (S2D) with Windows Server 2016…” Check out this link for guidance on how to set up the Storage Spaces Direct scale-out [...]

Azure N-Series General Availability will be December 1st!

By |November 16th, 2016|

As RDSGurus we have had the privilege to test the N-series VM in Azure for a while now. Benny also showed the N-series on stage at Ignite during the session "Get an independent insider’s view of desktop virtualization and session remoting". Microsoft has recently announced that the Azure N-Series VM will reach General Availability on December 1st! Exciting news for our industry! "...Azure N-Series virtual machines are powered by NVIDIA® GPUs and provide customers and developers access to industry-leading accelerated computing and visualization experiences. I am also excited to announce global access to the sizes, with N-series available in South Central US, [...]

Hotfix for User Profile Disk (UPD) Dismount Issues:

By |October 25th, 2016|

Glad to say that the October 2016 Monthly Rollup contains a hotfix for the present User Profile Disk dismount issues some of us have been experiencing (and complaining about). October 2016 Preview of Monthly Quality Rollup for Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2 Addresses issue where the user profile disk (UPD) does not dismount when a user logs off. Therefore, users get temporary profiles and are not able to work with their own profiles during their next logon. The Event ID 20491 with a description of “Remote Desktop Services could not disconnect a user disk for the user account [...]

Azure Resource Manager and JSON templates to deploy RDS in Azure IaaS – Part 5

By |October 25th, 2016|

This is part 5 in a series of articles on using Azure Resource Manager (ARM) and JSON templates to create a full Remote Desktop Services environment in Azure IaaS. Let’s briefly reiterate what was previously covered on this subject. It all started with a first RDS deployment on Azure IaaS covered in the article Full HA RDS 2016 deployment in Azure IaaS in < 30 minutes, Azure Resource Manager FTW! Although this first template already creates a high available RDS environment on Azure, many improvements and features have been added after that. In a second article called RDS on Azure [...]

Windows Server 2016 GA available in Azure! – used it to deploy RDS on Azure IaaS!

By |October 25th, 2016|

Window Server 2016 DataCenter (14393.321) is now available as an image in Azure IaaS. I decided to use it to roll out as part of my existing ARM Deployment of RDS on Azure IaaS using JSON. One of the awesome things about the ARM/JSON approach is that it all it took was adding a single parameter option into the azuredeploy.parameters.json file to complete this! This is where I added the new SKU inside the template parameters file a newly allowed value. And before launching the ARM deployment, the SKU can be selected from a dropdown box, now with the default [...]

Added new features to RDS on Azure IaaS using ARM and JSON (licensing, Custom RDSH Templates, branding)

By |October 25th, 2016|

If you have been following this blog over the past couple of weeks, you might have read about my previous articles on deploying RDS on Azure IaaS using ARM and JSON templates. To quickly reiterate those previous articles; In a first article called “Full HA RDS 2016 deployment in Azure IaaS in < 30 minutes, Azure Resource Manager FTW!” I explained the differences between deployment mechanisms in the classic Azure Portal and the new Azure Portal and gave a brief introduction on what JSON is and how to use Visual Studio to build and deploy directly to Azure, based on [...]

Ignite Session Now Available! "Get an Independent Insider’s View of Desktop Virtualization and Session Remoting"

By |October 3rd, 2016|

Benny Tritsch's Ignite session is now available here! This session highlights Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Remote Desktop Services from the perspective of an independent subject matter expert. Join Benny Tritsch as he shares his experience from real-world RDS projects and his thoughts about the potential Windows Server 2016 has for your desktop virtualization and session remoting use cases. Get in-depth information on how good the RDS 2016 end-user experience is and learn how to measure it yourself, both on-premises and on Microsoft Azure. Other important topics discussed in this session are RDS 2016 management concepts (administrator experience) and the known [...]

New Documentation From Microsoft on RDS Deployment and Upgrade for Windows Server 2016 and Azure

By |September 29th, 2016|

Microsoft is busy at work pushing out some new documentation on RDS deployment and upgrading in Windows 2016 (and much of it is instruction for Azure deployments).  Here is starting point: Deploy a basic desktop hosting environment using Azure IaaS Deploy a Storage Spaces Direct scale-out file server for UPD storage in Azure Upgrade your RDS deployment to Windows Server 2016. Configure your desktop hosting environment. Deploy a desktop hosting environment. Deploy a Remote Desktop Session Host farm to improve availability. Deploy a Remote Desktop Connection Broker cluster. Deploy a RD Web Access and Gateway farm. Deploy RemoteApp programs. Deploy [...]

Remote End User Experience Benchmarking for Windows Server 2016 Remote Desktop Services

By |September 29th, 2016|

We’ve got something cool to show you at Microsoft Ignite. If you’re there, make sure you see “Get an Independent Insider’s View of Desktop Virtualization and Session Remoting” (BRK3280) on Friday morning. I think you’ll find it worth your while, as we’re showing you how we can empirically measure the remote end user experience on Windows Server 2016. Using tools that we created, Benny Tritsch, Ruben Spruijt and I did some benchmark testing of Remote Desktop Services in Windows Server 2016 to learn about the new performance and application compatibility advances in this version of Windows Server. Using the same [...]

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