Products We Commonly Recommend

One of our missions at RDS Gurus is to find the best combination of products and services that will best support our clients’ goals. This means we do a lot of listening to our clients to consider their Remote Desktop Services needs, budget, timeline. Then we put together a plan that merges our technical expertise with the best tooling to accomplish those goals.

These are the products that we rely on to make great remote desktop environments and to optimize end-user experience for our customers. (We also resell some of these products, so if we determine that one or more are a right fit for your needs, we will get you a fair price.)

Parallels RAS

We find that Parallels RAS is a great fit for small to medium sized companies that require a more feature rich experience for their users than Microsoft’s native RDS product can provide. Parallels RAS adds some awesome features such as:

  • Resource-based load balancing that dynamically distributes the traffic between servers based on counters, such as number of existing user sessions, memory, and CPU utilization
  • A management console for installation and management of all the components such as RD Session Hosts or Gateways. Helpdesk teams can use a web console to manage user applications and VDIs
  • Fully automated RD session host and VDI deployment via templates that can be configured to scale your infrastructure dynamically or on-demand
  • Robust client developed for all popular platforms such as Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Chrome OS and even Linux
  • Native out-of-the-box HTML5 connectivity – no additional configuration
  • Granular reporting about user sessions, application usage, user information and more!

Check the Parallels White Paper: How Parallels RAS enhances Microsoft RDS


Remote Desktop Commander Suite

Remote Desktop Commander provides real time monitoring and historic reporting for all activity in your RDS environment. Its a great tool for troubleshooting performance issues, doing user activity monitoring, tracking licensing, monitoring security/logins/logoffs.

  • Do you need a robust remote assistance platform to support users connecting to your Remote Desktop Services, RemoteApp, or Windows Virtual Desktop deployment?
  • Do you need to delegate rights to your help desk and support staff so that they can shadow and manage user sessions, without giving them admin rights on your terminal servers and connection brokers?
  • Do you run Remote Desktop Services in a highly regulated environment that requires continuous monitoring of user session activity?

If so, pick up a Premium Management Features subscription for Remote Desktop Commander today.

Remote Desktop Manager-black

Remote Desktop Manager by Devolutions

For MSPs, IT professionals & helpdesk technicians who need to share remote connections and privileged passwords with other team members.

  • Remote Connection Management
  • Password Management
  • Personal & Commercial Use
  • Shared Database & Vaults
  • Role-Based Access Control
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Audits and Reports

At RDS Gurus we access many different client environments on a daily basis and we use this tool everyday to do so.  Our access is now easy and secure.  We keep environment credentials separate and secure (encrypted), and we can easily jump from one VM to the next using the tabbed console view.  Seriously, this is a fantastic tool!

This is a powerful Windows User Experience Monitoring tool with a small footprint, and a small price tag. We have used this tool in many troubleshooting projects. Drop this tool into your environment for a week or two and get all kinds of informative data like:

  • Footprint of the average user session (RAM, IOPS, network throughput, CPU usage)
  • Resource usage per application
  • The footprint individual websites have on your systems’ resources
  • Application start times
  • License compliance data
  • True IOPS or process startup duration

and much more.

Its simple but really enlightening: Remote Display Analyzer lets you easily analyze the result of your Remote desktop services configuration and change settings on the fly; assess the best possible end user experience for every user, on every device in every location.