Azure RemoteApp Retirement Annouced – Citrix XenApp "express" To Take Its Place

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Today Microsoft announced the retirement of Azure RemoteApp: Azure RemoteApp will be replaced by a new Citrix offering - Citrix XenApp "express" service - hosted in Azure. The new offering is supposed to combine the simplicity of Azure RemoteApp (ARA) with better app provisioning and delivery, and more monitoring and security features. I think this is a good move by Microsoft. ARA was a great start and Citrix will build on this and make the V2 of this vision even better. Here are the timeline details that are out now: While new purchases will continue until October 1st, 2016, [...]

Let’s talk Azure RemoteApp Use Cases!

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Two weeks ago, the 30th edition of the Experts 2 Experts Virtualization Conference (E2EVC) took place in Leopardstown, Dublin. A great community driven conference, founded by Alex Cooper. If you’re not familiar with the event check out for more details. Last month BriForum 2016 Europe took place in London. Also a great, vendor independent conference founded by Brian Madden. For more information on that event check out At both events, we (Freek Berson & Benny Tritsch) presented a session on Azure RemoteApp. Our session was called “Azure RemoteApp – Past, Present & future”, the more important subtitle however [...]

Caution when using Remove-AzureRemoteAppUserDisk in Azure RemoteApp PowerShell

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You may have read my previous blog post about the announcement of new PowerShell CmdLets to manage User Profile Disks (UPD )in Azure RemoteApp, if not here is the link: User Profile Disk management for Azure RemoteApp is here! These new CmdLets enable you to manage the User Profile Disks yourself. This is great because prior to this you had to contact Azure Support for every management task you had to do related to UPD. Check out my previous blog post for more details on the new CmdLets Copy-AzureRemoteAppUserDisk and Remove-AzureRemoteAppUserDisk. One of the things I did run into when [...]

User Profile Disk management for Azure RemoteApp is here!

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Two new great PowerShell commands are added to Azure RemoteApp! They allow for management of the User Profile Disk (UPD)! This is a very welcome update! Why? Previously, when you wanted to perform management on the UPD’s of an Azure RemoteApp collection you could not do that yourself. Instead you needed to contact Azure Support. With the new command that are you released you can manage UPD’s yourself! In order to use the two new commands, make sure you downloaded the latest version of Azure PowerShell. Guide to check what Azure PowerShell current version you are running and how to [...]