Creating a Highly Available Windows 2012 R2 RD Gateway Environment with Azure Multi-Factor Authentication

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To read this article in pdf click: Azure-MFA-and-RDG-HA In our last article about RD Gateway and Azure Multi-Factor Authentication, we showed you how to add Azure Multi-Factor Authentication (Azure MFA) to your on premises RD Gateway deployment to further secure the login process. In that walkthrough we used one RD Gateway server and one MFA server.  This configuration works well, as long as the servers never go down.  We thought it would be a good idea to plan for a situation more in line with reality. In this article we will show you how to configure load balanced RD Gateway [...]

Is There a Microsoft “Mobile First, Cloud First” Strategy for VDI?

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Since Satya Nadella became Microsoft’s CEO, “mobile first, cloud first” is the new mantra.  But what about Windows desktops and applications delivered from the cloud?  If you want to establish an enterprise-level VDI or remote desktop environment that is only based on Microsoft products and components, you will be confronted with different management challenges. While the individual components of an RDVH/RDSH environment are great, putting them together properly and maintaining them sufficiently is a dark art.  Sure thing, Citrix and VMware are able to compensate such shortcomings, but is this what Microsoft really wants? If not, what are the missing pieces? Read [...]