Enable Discrete Device Assignment on Windows Server 2016 TP5

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Article by Benny Tritsch and Kris Griffin In Windows Server 2016, GPUs for Remote Desktop Session Host will only be available through Discrete Device Assignment (DDA), but not RemoteFX. The good thing about DDA is that it can also be used for Windows 10 VMs. While RemoteFX is based on GPU sharing and API intercept, DDA is an implementation of GPU pass-through. This means that the physical GPU is passed through directly and exclusively to the RDSH or the Windows 10 VM. Instead of generic virtual device drivers it is possible to use the GPU manufacturer's graphics driver in the [...]

3D Graphics for Virtual Desktops Smackdown

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On April 8, Ruben Spruijt (@rspruijt), Shawn Bass (@shawnbass) and I published our brand new whitepaper “3D Graphics for Virtual Desktops Smackdown”. Our intention is to provide an independent overview of GPU-accelerated desktop virtualization solutions and products. Like Ruben and Shawn, I’m absolutely convinced that accelerating the remoting of 3D graphics by hardware is a game changer in our industry. Running high-end CAD/CAM application in virtual desktops and gaming from the cloud are only two of the most obvious use cases. But there are many more, leveraging greater flexibility at work, seamless application integration, improved security and control, and advanced Bring Your Own scenarios. Even though suitable GPUs are still [...]